Kiwi Bed and Breakfast Hosts - New Zealand

All New Zealand bed and breakfast, farmstay and homestay owners are invited to join KiwiBBHosts, an on-line community of colleagues. Membership is strictly restricted.


  • Owner-in-residence of a bed and breakfast, farmstay, homestay (or equivalent)
  • in New Zealand,
  • with six rooms or fewer, and
  • serving at least a continental breakfast.
  • You must also have a Website for your B&B or a listing on another directory of B&Bs (such as a listing on or any other directory service).


$25CAD to join for the balance of the current calendar year. Renewals are $20 annually, due every January 1.

It's in Canadian Dollars 'cuz that's where we are, and your membership fees must be paid by either Visa or MasterCard. If that's a hardship for you, then send us less. We're not in this to retire. We only charge, to ensure you are serious about joining and participating.

And that $25 is fully guaranteed. If you don't think, after participating fairly on the Members' Only Private Forum, that you're going to get your money's worth, then tell us and we'll refund it!


Support, resources, ideas, solutions, discounts, recipes, camaraderie, laughs and a place to vent.
You will also receive a free link from this public site to your B&B Website - but that is not the main purpose of this Community. If you are joining just for a cehap link ... please don't. We want participants on the online forum!

Participating Members are also welcome to join and participate on the private members' only forum - no extra cost.

How to Join:

The private chat forum is hosted on the ezBoard network, the world's largest online community network. Go to and join ezBoard, first, if you are not already a member. This is also free.

If this process seems too complicated, and you are seriously interested in participating, please e-mail us directly and we will do it for you - for an additional $10. Otherwise, please see the instructions here.

Instructions here.



The fine print

No owner, operator, employee or direct family member of a commercial accommodation registry or reservation service is permitted to belong. No owner of more than one bed and breakfast in New Zealand is permitted to belong. Any unauthorised use or distribution of our membership mailing list is not permitted and will be grounds for removal from this group. The owners of and its associated ezBoard have the unfettered authority to change any of these conditions, and to admit, deny, censor, delete and/or ban any Applicant or Member at anytime and without cause, explanation or liability of any kind. Conversely, any Member may leave this group at any time without cause or explanation. Furthermore, the owners may, at any time and at their whim, completely discontinue KiwiBBHosts, the Website and the ezBoard, without cause or liability. Application for, and continued participation in, KiwiBBHosts, constitutes your complete understanding and acceptance of these conditions. Whew! All that said, please be assured we really do want you to join!

Roger Kershaw and Jim Lingerfelt
Moderators, Owners, Hosts